About Us


“Through exploration and imagination,
we can create art.”

KOMEYUI is a restaurant that serves more than food; we serve a meal to delight all the senses – we serve art. Our chefs have received some of the best culinary education in the world to allow them to fully explore their art form. Through the foundation of their skills, our chefs can flourish in their creativity to create dishes that go beyond food – to create an artistic experience. Every ingredient is viewed as a material to be melded into the final masterpiece and served to our customers.
For us, art has always been experiential rather than tangible. What makes art so priceless is the emotions it evokes in the experience. It is this same quality that makes KOMEYUI so unique. At KOMEYUI, we are masters of manipulating our ingredients to create the optimal eating experience. For example, fish is not only served fresh but served at the optimal time, temperature and preparation. This delicate balance creates the perfect biteand experience for our customers.

Our art captures our ability to create new flavours from different ingredients.

Beyond chefs, we are artists – beyond traditional dishes, we serve art.

We are about capturing a moment; the moment the artist captures is the optimal time to eat, and by combining the skills and experience of the chefs, KOMEYUI creates a unique dish for our customers. We once started as a traditional Japanese restaurant, like any artist first learning to paint. However, over time, we have found our way, divulging further into the medium to create our own unique masterpieces, irreplicable by anyone else. KOMEYUI takes the principles of Japanese cuisine and respectfully pushes its boundaries to create art.

Where it all started…

KOMEYUI began as the humble ambition of Chef and owner Motomu Kumano. Growing up in a small fishing town in Hokkaido allowed Chef Kuma to start his education on the beauty and simplicity of fresh Japanese ingredients. His passion for food only grew as he did, and soon he was gathering more accolades than he could ever dream of. What set Chef Kumano apart was that he viewed himself as an artist rather than a chef, with food as his medium, gathering inspiration from his ingredients. Moving from job to job, the opening of his first restaurant in 2005 allowed him to explore his talent.
Hagama - Japanese Characters

Mastering Japanese tradition through new ingredients, flavours, and textures.

What began as a small and modest Japanese restaurant that sold authentic Japanese food – strictly adhering to the rules of Japanese cuisine began to evolve. Like any artist, as Chef Kumano developed his artistic acuity, so did the art. As a result, KOMEYUI began to stray from the stringent rules of Japanese cuisine and develop KOMEYUI into the beloved restaurant it is today.
Chef Kumano continues to push the bounds of his art – presenting food that combines beauty and flavour in every bite. The interior of the South Melbourne venue and the Spring Hill venue in Brisbane have evolved from humble beginnings to communicate the evolution of KOMEYUI’s menu. The transformation of KOMEYUI through the years is reminiscent of an impressionist painter entering their contemporary years; modern, wildly explorative, but nonetheless beautiful. Despite this, KOMEYUI’s values remain the same: the place where the comfort of their guests is of the utmost priority.